Cane are hand-made. Controlled at each stage of their transformation, those which would not fulfil our quality standards are not offered for sale. You will find here a range of pre-gouged, gouged and shaped cane. We propose shaped cane rejects so that you can teach yourself to assemble or to scrap reeds.

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  • Pre-gouged canes
    For the oboists who already have machines, we propose pre-gouged cane.
  • Gouged canes
    Our cane is gouged with a Reeds' N Stuff gouging machine. The gouge thickness will have an impact on the resistance of the reed. A thinner cane will be easier to scrape, you will lose neither in sound quality, nor in accuracy, but reeds will weaken more quickly. A thicker cane will be longer to be scrapped but the lifetime of the reed will be more interesting. To choose your thickness, do not neglect the effects of the climate: usually we advise to play a thinner reed in summer than in winter.
  • Shaped canes
    We use a Reeds' N Stuff shaping machine. The shape has an impact on the aspects of a reed : ease, accuracy, quality of sound, balance of the octaves. We advise you to avoid the extremes.