Handmade quality cane

To offer you quality products, we made the choice of a traditional production where each stage of the process of transformation is hand-made, without any automation, which implies a lot of controls. Cane are thus examined at each stage of their transformation. Those which would not fulfil our quality standards are not offered for sale.


After the sawing of the tubes, cane are classified according to their diameter. The quality of fibers and varnish are controlled.


We use a Reeds' N Stuff gouging machine. The thickness is then controlled using a comparator and a gauge block and cane are classified by groups of 0.01 mm for the oboe and 0.02 mm for the english horn and the barock oboe. They are marked with initial of their brand.
Cane are shaped with Reeds' N Stuff shaping machine. The balance of the sides of cane is checked.

Reeds are scraped with the Bucher profiling machine which allows a scraping and very precise final corrections. Reeds are tested and classified in three groups according to their strength.